Meet Our New Partner: AvisPlus Production Option

We are delighted to share that MooseDesk and AvisPlus Production Option have established a new partnership. By joining forces with AvisPlus, MooseDesk sets the goal to enhance the quality and diversity of customer support services.

We believe that this collaboration opens up great opportunities for innovation and growth, allowing us to meet the needs of online businesses worldwide, particularly Shopify merchants!

About MooseDesk

At MooseDesk, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer support solutions that cater to online businesses perfectly. With our seamless ticket management system, merchants can efficiently handle customer inquiries, streamline communication, and provide exceptional support to their valued clients.

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About AvisPlus Production Option

AvisPlus Product Options lets your customers personalize their shopping with dropdown menus, image swatches, and more. Eventually, it helps enhance usability and product appearance.

AvisPlus offers unlimited options like text, number, date time variant image/color swatches, and dropdown menus. It also allows price add-ons for options chosen by the customer.

This can lead to a more engaging shopping experience and potentially higher sales for businesses.

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