Meet Our New Partner: Free Gift

We’re thrilled to welcome BOGOS to MooseDesk’s partnership network. This partnership includes BOGOS’s gift offers and MooseDesk’s customer service features. It promises to enrich the shopping experience for your buyers on Shopify.

We believe this partnership allows you to add more value to customers’ purchases and elevates the customer experiences like never before!

MooseDesk partnership with BOGOS


BOGOS aims at helping Shopify stores make more money by using gift campaigns. The app changes how sales promotions work with offers like buy one get one free and custom gifts for certain customers. Furthermore, here’s what makes BOGOS stand out:

Gift promotion campaign: Start buy one get one free deals on selected products or give gifts based on cart value.

Offer promotion: Keep customers updated on deals with widgets, gift icons, and cart messages.

Offer combos: Increase sales by combining multiple gifts and creating tiered offers.

Personalization: Give special offers to customers based on their location, tags, or specific links.

Detailed analytics: See how well each offer is doing and keep improving them.

Built-in integrations: Works easily with Shopify POS, Shopify Flow, Headless stores, and other Shopify apps.

In conclusion, BOGOS is a strong tool for Shopify stores to make more money with gift campaigns. Not only does it help maximize sales but it also works smoothly with Shopify for easy operation sales. With seamless integration to Shopify, this app further ensures a smooth and efficient operation.

👉 Install BOGOS to increase your Average Order Value!

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