Top 5 Shopify Customer Support Apps For Growing Stores

Your online business on Shopify is growing significantly and along with it, a rising number of customer queries. However, handling all the inquiries of customers coming from different channels can be challenging and even stressful sometimes. Now you are looking for some customer support apps to take customer support to the next level.

Worry not! In today’s article, we will walk you through the 5 most popular customer support apps for Shopify stores, regardless of your industry.

Must-have features of a customer support app 

Before diving into the curated list, you should bear in mind these most common and beneficial features that any customer support app should have at the least:

Shopify Integration

Similar to the Google extension for Chrome, a customer support app that is specifically designed for Shopify will provide your store with tons of new features and functions that help you run business smoothly. There is no need for you to open a new window or switch between tabs because the app is already merged into your Shopify store, which also keeps your customer service operation more productive!

One-stop for all platforms

Customers are not just using Shopify to purchase products but they are also surfing other platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Therefore, a customer support app with a multiple-channel ticket management system will help manage customer queries and orders easily.

Automation workflow

One of the most essential features of a promising Shopify customer support app is automation. Whether it is sending an automated response, assigning tickets to a support agent or checking customer order status, this feature not only helps you save a huge amount of time but also creates an efficient workflow for your customer success team. 

Self-service portal 

Additionally, a wide range of people prefer to resolve the issues on their own – that is where the self-service portal comes in handy. Simply put, a self-service portal consists of self-help functions, such as FAQs, How-to articles and other informative guidelines. Those functions allow your customers to navigate around and find expected answers at their fingertips freely.

Insightful reports 

The report helps identify common customer pain points and track support ticket trends. As a result, these reports empower Shopify merchants to optimize their support strategies and elevate customer satisfaction. Furthermore, analytics can help Shopify businesses gain a deeper understanding of customer support team’s performance, thus improving its efficiency and a smoother workflow.

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Top 5 Customer Support Apps For Growing Shopify Sellers


Amid several established customer service apps on the market, MooseDesk emerges as a refreshing option for small to medium Shopify businesses, who seek an efficient help desk solution without breaking the bank. Designed to integrate with your Shopify store, MooseDesk provides streamlined customer interactions across multiple channels. Its lean support system covers essential features such as:

  • Unified ticket center: MooseDesk’s omni-channel capability allows your agents to gather tickets from email, messaging and social media platforms into one single dashboard, keeping them organized and easily accessible.
  • Order management: For Shopify merchants, MooseDesk offers a range of features to create and track orders in a matter of minutes.
  • Tailor-made help widget: The app allows you to customize your Shopify stores to match your brand’s styles and images, thus boosting your connection with customers.
  • Real-time reports: MooseDesk provides live reports and detailed analytics to track your customer service team’s performance. This feature helps you find out which is the most popular concern of the customers as well as self-service rates, customer retention and satisfaction, etc.

Pricing: MooseDesk is now available at a completely free cost for early bird users. Learn more about MooseDesk free lifetime access to all features.


Richpanel is a customer support app built for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores that helps merchants manage and respond to customer inquiries in a matter of seconds. This helpdesk software is widely known for its AI capabilities and excellent customer service functions. 

Some of its key features include:

  • Multi-channel support: As being integrated into Shopify, there is no need to switch between different platforms like Facebook, email, phone, chat, making your teamwork streamlined and more time-saving.
  • Ticket management: Besides creating, assigning and managing tickets, this app also helps detect collisions among colleagues and allows tickets to go snoozing so that agents can respond later.
  • Self-service: Richpanel offers a self-service portal integrated with the customer’s cart platform, allowing them to resolve inquiries about orders, cancellations or returns without the need for customer support agents.
  • Reporting: This customer service app provides default reports that measure the performance of your store’s support center, drawing out lessons and weak points to improve. 

Pricing: Free 14-day trial available. The starter package starts at $29/ user per month.


As an AI-driven helpdesk solution for Shopify fast-growing merchants, Gorgias is designed to help you manage all conversations from a broad array of channels into a united dashboard. Easy to set up and quick to integrate to Shopify, not only does this feature-rich app keep customer inquiries organized, it also applies machine learning to enhance an automated workflow for merchants. On top of that, this Shopify customer service app offers several ticket and case management features to assist customer agents perform better, including:

  • Ticket Creation UX
  • Ticket Response UX
  • Attachments/Screencasts: This feature allows agents to attach documents and files to the ticket, thus making it easier to communicate with customers.
  • Customer database: Each customer plays as a record of contact and each has a unique profile. With Gorgias, this information can be imported or created manually/automatically.
  • Automated response: Gorgias helps your customer support team respond almost immediately to a customer query and it even allows you to customize the message.

Pricing: Free 7-day trial available. Starter plans start at $10/month (including 3 customer support agents, live chat and 50 tickets).

Help Scout

help scout customer support software for shopify merchants

Help Scout is another customer support software that helps small to medium Shopify merchants centralize customer interactions across all channels (email, live chat and social media). One of Help Scout’s main selling points is a quick set-up procedure and personalized customer interaction. The simple-to-use yet powerful interface can get you familiarized with the tool within 15 minutes and take full advantage of it in just a day.

Other prominent features of this all-in-one customer support software include:

  • AI featured: Help Scout offers AI assistance to improve your response, polish your copy, fix grammar errors or translate text to other languages, just to name a few.
  • Seamless integrations: There are more than 50+ integrations that Help Scout provides so that merchants can work easily with other platforms.
  • Pre-built reports: The app is provided with built-in reporting capabilities to help merchants gain insights into their customers, team’s performance and other important metrics.
  • Automation: With Help Scout, your customer support team enjoys an automated workflow and even customizes it according to their preferences.
  • Easy collaboration: Teamwork is no longer a complex and chaotic process. Help Scout make it easier for the whole customer service team to collaborate and stay on the same page.

Pricing: Free 15-day trial available. Standard plans start at $25/user per month.


Tidio is originally a chat support app for Shopify stores. It helps merchants provide instant and real-time 24/7 customer support via its live chat and chatbots. This Shopify customer support app stands out among other competitors thanks to its customizability.

This feature allows users to create tailor-made live chat windows, message content or interaction panels according to their brand image. Moreover, Tidio also provides Shopify merchants with remarkable features, such as:

  • Shopify integration: Its live chat feature is available to any Shopify store, paving the way for excellent customer service.
  • Lyro AI bot: Using AI to solve up to 70% of customer queries, Lyro is easy to set up and does not require training. All of its answers are backed up by your knowledge base so fear not, it will not provide hallucinated content. 
  • Order management: During conversations, agents can use in-build Shopify actions such as shopping cart preview, order history, recommend product, etc.
  • Ticket system: Tidio helps merchants track, tag and prioritize tickets from chats, and emails and even switch ownership when needed.
  • Analytics: Like any other customer support app, Tidio provides real time analytics for customer service team with clear metrics to gather insights and suggest improvements. 

Pricing: Free 7-day trial available for all features. Basic plans start at $29/user per month and Lyro AI plan starts at $39/user per month.

3 Tips To Choose A Shopify Customer Support Apps 

We understand that there are a multitude of helpdesk software available on the market at the moment. You may feel overwhelmed to find which one suits your business better. Let’s discover these methods so that you can deliver a suitable customer support app!

Read testimonials from other users

Take a moment to surf the review sections on Shopify App Store and learn about other users’ experience when using those customer service apps. These reviews can provide valuable insights into not only how well the apps align with specific needs but also how professional the support teams are. It is also advisable to focus on reviews from businesses similar to yours! 

Consider trying out new customer support apps on Shopify app store. Even though they just entered the market, these apps can promisely provide what every Shopify merchant needs to support customers better. 

Well, you may wonder how to decide which new apps are worth a try. Let’s take MooseDesk as an example, with 5-star reviews from the beginning, it is a remarkable choice for Shopify merchants looking for some new breeze!

Try the demo version

When having a shortlist of customer service apps, you may want to give each one of them a try. Most of these apps offer a free trial that lasts from 7 to 15 days. Feel free to register for a demo, navigate through the interface and assess whether the app can meet your team’s needs and its features reach the standard of your customer support operations.

Compare pricing

Different customer support apps often have different pricing structures. Therefore, you should spend time understanding and analyzing the initial costs and potential expenses in near future. For small and medium Shopify merchants, it can be struggling to balance between the demands and the budget. Thus, we recommend using free plans until you are financially stable. 

Check out MooseDesk – free customer support app for early users!

Final Thought

The list goes on but above are the best 5 choices that we highly recommend for Shopify merchants. Consider all noteworthy options, then go through the trial to see which one checks all the boxes. You can also ask for support from the customer service team of these solution providers to better understand the product.

This list will also be updated regularly so that you can have more outstanding products to consider. Don’t forget to subscribe to us to receive the latest notifications!

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