8+ Shopify AI Software That Makes Customer Service 3 Times Easier

8+ Shopify AI Software That Makes Customer Service 3 Times Easier

Nowadays, the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as one of the most transformative technologies and has rapidly changed the landscape of customer service for business. According to a survey from Tidio, 88% of customers had at least one conversation with a chatbot and three out of four companies are satisfied with their chatbot results. As business continues to place a high priority on giving customers a better experience, providing AI tools is seen as an effective solution.

In this article, we’ll discuss 8+ Shopify AI Software That Makes Customer Service 3 Times Easier for your business.

The Role Of AI Software On Shopify Platform?

Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots are apps or interfaces that can carry on human-like conversations using natural language understanding (NLU) or natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML). By leveraging AI algorithms, these chatbots can continuously learn from interactions, quickly understand user preferences and deliver accurate responses.

Shopify integrates with third-party AI applications and services to offer smart features such as personalized recommendations and predictive analytics. By using virtual agents that are educated on a company’s content and data, these chatbots can expand customer support operations for online businesses.

Benefits Of AI Software In Shopify Customer Service

Better customer support availability 

Customers always want fast and easy service, even during peak hours. When using Shopify AI software for customer service, you can provide instant solutions and reduce time to handle customer inquiries. Through AI Chatbots and AI assistants, customers can easily find information on their own or get answers to FAQs in minutes at any time of day or night. 

Moreover, Shopify AI software can deliver omnichannel support across various platforms including websites, social media platforms, mobile apps, messaging apps, and voice assistants to help deliver smooth and consistent experiences.

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Better understanding of customer journey

With every interaction, the Shopify AI software will gather valuable insights from customers and their journeys by collecting data history and past interactions across various channels. This information is used to understand customer preferences, shopping behavior and pain points, thereby helping Shopify merchants to predict customer needs and provide proactive support. These actionable insights pave the way for strategic decision-making that improves efficiency and enhances overall customer satisfaction.

Improved accuracy of self-service options

Shopify AI software equipped with advanced language processing and machine learning can enhance the accuracy of customer inquiry responses significantly. These tools operate by comprehending the context of inquiries and leveraging extensive knowledge bases to provide precise and relevant information to customer support teams. Additionally, through continuous learning from past interactions, Shopify AI systems progressively improve in accuracy and reliability, thereby reducing errors and ensuring seamless support experiences for customers.

According to an article in Harvard Business Review, 81% of customers attempt to resolve issues independently before reaching out to customer service. Consequently, integrating self-service options such as FAQs or knowledge base articles with Shopify AI chatbots empowers customers to swiftly and effectively locate the information they require. This approach promotes self-reliance among customers while simultaneously freeing up valuable resources for customer service teams.

8+ Shopify AI Software for a Better Customer Service

Shopify AI software has become an integral part of customer service solutions to help you effectively address the challenges when delivering customer service. By understanding what’s available, you can make an informed decision on which AI tool will best align with your customer service objectives.

 Here are 8 selected software platforms offering AI functionalities to support your team and enhance customer experiences.


tidio ai chatbot

Tidio is a Shopify customer service software tailored to boost your business’s growth. It combines live chat, chatbots, emails, Messenger, and Instagram into one convenient tool, allowing you to communicate with your customers faster.

One standout feature of Tidio’s customer service plans is the Reply Assistant, which assists Shopify merchants in refining their messages before sending them out. Additionally, the company offers Lyro AI, a virtual support agent that mimics human interaction to help enrich customer interactions and solve up to 70% of customer problems in seconds.

With natural language understanding, integration with Shopify for order tracking, and automated responses, Tidio helps Shopify merchants reduce cart abandonment, improve customer satisfaction, and boost sales with personalized assistance. 

Price: Tidio offers a free trial. Paid customer service plans begin at $29 per month, while the Lyro AI Agent plans to start at $39 per month.


zendesk AI feature

Zendesk is a popular Shopify customer support platform designed to centralize all service interactions and customer history within a unified interface. This approach simplifies the tracking, prioritization, and resolution of customer inquiries for support teams, fostering seamless and efficient operations.

Zendesk AI is the intelligence layer of the Zendesk platform. Currently, this app offers 2 levels of AI software functionality to meet your business needs:

  • Zendesk AI includes conversation bots, and auto-replies with articles to help suggest macros for agents and knowledge in the context panel. This accelerates response times, allowing customer service agents to handle more complex inquiries. 
  •  Zendesk Advanced AI offers an advanced auto replies feature and suggested intents when creating answers to help enhance Shopify’s user experience. 

Price: Zendesk offers a free trial option to start. Plan with AI feature starts at $115/agent per month, and Advanced AI add-on is priced at $50/agent per month.

Help Scout

Help Scout AI chatbot

Help Scout is a Shopify customer service software tool designed to streamline and optimize customer support operations. It offers features such as shared inboxes for managing emails efficiently, a robust knowledge base for self-service support, live chat for real-time interactions with customers, and comprehensive reporting and analytics to help Shopify merchants track performance and gather insights.

Help Scout offers an outstanding AI summarize [Beta] feature to help summarize long email threads into bullet points, saving time and effort for support teams. Moreover, with Shopify AI assistance, your team can easily translate text into various languages: Chinese, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, English, Filipino, French, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Price: Free trial available. Subscriptions with AI features start at $40/user per month.

Re: amaze

Re:amaze AI chatbot

Re: amaze is a popular integrated Shopify customer service, live chat, and helpdesk platform for online businesses to help centralize customer communication.

Re: amaze’s AI feature is a comprehensive suite designed to streamline customer support operations and enhance efficiency. Leveraging AI technology, Re: amaze offers several key AI functionalities that help automate repetitive tasks, improve response times, and optimize support processes. These features include:

  • AI FAQ Bot: enhances customer support by automatically suggesting relevant FAQ articles based on their questions and follow-up messages.
  •  Chatbots (Hello Bot, FAQ Bot, Order Bot): enable pre-built Re: amaze Chatbots to help with frontline customer service
  •  Chatbots (Custom Workflow Bots): designed to tailor the business’s unique needs and requirements based on the user’s predefined rules and conditions. 

Price: Start with a 14-day free trial. Basic subscription with Chatbots feature starts at $29 per team member/month.


Richpanel AI customer service

Richpanel is an Shopify AI helpdesk app that simplifies customer query management across multiple channels, enabling quicker responses and scalability. It is especially advantageous for rapidly growing merchants aiming to uphold exceptional customer service standards without expanding their workforce.

Richpanel leverages the platform that combines the best AI and humans to respond faster, manage all channels & scale your customer service. With Shopify AI assistants that learn from your best interactions, this feature can help enhance your team performance and customer experience.

Price: Pro subscription with Shopify AI feature starts with $60/month


Botsify AI chatbot

Botsify is a chatbot automation platform that provides unified chat automation for your business across various platforms such as websites, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Telegram. You can easily integrate Botsify with your Shopify store.

Here’s why Botsify is right for you:

  • Automate your sales processes: Bosify helps turn boring web forms into friendly conversations and get your meetings and sales calls scheduled
  •  Increase Store conversions by 60% with conversational commerce AI agents
  • Simplify your customer support Shopify merchants: Bosify provides consistent 24/7 support across channels

Price: Paid plans starting at $49/month.


Ada AI chatbot

Ada is the AI-powered customer service automation platform that helps resolve the most significant number of support inquiries across channels and languages with the least amount of human effort. Ada offers an integration for Shopify merchants to help businesses provide better support.

Ada’s platform includes voice AI and smooth transitions between bots and agents. This platform prioritizes enterprise-level security and privacy standards globally. When connected to your Shopify store, Ada’s chatbot can update customers on shipping and other order details.

Price: Contact for pricing


Intercom chatbot

Intercom is a customer service solution that combines an AI chatbot, help desk, and proactive support to streamline customer communications across various channels such as email, SMS, and in-app messaging. Intercom provides integrations with Shopify to enable seamless communication between merchants and their customers.

The custom AI Bot feature of the Intercom app allows businesses to create personalized chatbots tailored to their specific needs, including:

  • Triage conversations automatically: Custom Bots collect upfront customer information, making support much quicker and more efficient than email.
  •  Customize bots without code: Design a bot in minutes so it can start triaging or acquiring leads for your team.
  • Proactively engage every qualified lead: custom bots start conversations by using advanced targeting and enrichment and only engage the leads you want.

Price: Intercom offers a free trial plan for your business to start. 

Which Is The Right AI Tool For Your Shopify Store?

When selecting a Shopify AI software for your business, it’s essential to assess various factors to ensure it aligns with your objectives and delivers value to your company. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve outlined four key factors to consider when choosing Shopify AI software for your business:

  • Define your objective: Before diving into the selection process, it’s crucial to define your objectives for implementing an AI chatbot. Considering your business goals, such as improving customer service, increasing sales, or automating tasks, can help you choose the suitable tool that aligns with your specific needs and objectives.
  • Evaluate Features and Functionalities: When evaluating AI chatbots, pay close attention to the features and functionalities they offer. Assess whether the chatbot can handle complex queries, provide personalized responses, and streamline workflows effectively. Choose a Shopify AI tool that offers a comprehensive range of features tailored to your business requirements.
  • Assess Readiness: Consider factors such as whether the chatbot can be deployed quickly and easily without extensive technical knowledge. Choose a chatbot solution that is user-friendly, scalable, and ready to integrate seamlessly into your business operations.
  • Pricing: Pricing is a crucial factor to consider when selecting a Shopify AI chatbot for your business. Evaluate the price offered by different providers, such as subscription-based plans, pay-per-use models, or custom pricing options. You should choose a chatbot solution that offers transparent pricing and provides value for your investment.

Final Thought

In conclusion, the integration of AI software with Shopify platforms has revolutionized the landscape of customer service, offering unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. With the diverse range of Shopify-compatible AI tools discussed above, businesses can streamline their operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive growth.

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